Treasury fund wallets


Hi Callisto team. Today i was think about treasury wallet. As we know , now 20% of block reward go to devs fund, and 10% to go cold staking fund. But we have one wallet for those two function , and hard understanded , how many Clo still left for devs, and how many Clo now available for cold staking. I gues need make 2 different wallets for this deals for make sure , that money takes and puts in appropriate wallets. This can help better understend financil report to.


And now we can see ~1238509 block .from one block to cold staking fund deducted 60 clo . All fund CS must have 74310540 clo , but now in fund we have
73455040 CLO . So we have shortage CS fund and no have CLO on dev fund. What you all doing?


Sory for missunderstude. 0x3c06f218ce6dd8e2c535a8925a2edf81674984d9 this is CS wallet. thx for all who help.