Traders market for CLO

I would like to propose to create traders market site for CLO.
Need create a site , where every user can login into own profile.
On this site you can see traders names and their invest propositions:

  • reward in CLO
  • next trade start time
  • next trade end time
  • good trades amount
  • bad trades amount
  • user’s trust in percents
  • feedback

Everyone can become trader (gather CLO coins from users) OR be user, which invest CLO into specific trader account.

Trader can trade anywhere on any exchanges, which support CLO. The main point here that trader should send specific CLO amount back to his / here trader account before end trade time.

As example trader gather 10000000 CLO coins from users. After that trader can start trade anywhere. He can send CLO coins to any exchange and trade. Of course, trader can loose CLO coins and get bad feedbacks, so nobody send him big CLO coins amount.

Need create some rate between amount of good trades and possible gathered CLO maximum for the next trade. As example If trader has only 10 good deals , he can not gather more than 1mln CLO coins from users.

Need create traders guaranteed stake account in CLO. As example i would like to become a trader , i can send 1mln CLO coins into my guaranteed stake account. These CLO coins will be frozen on trader account for the next trade automatically. If i loose CLO coins , users can get some CLO amount back from guaranteed stake account.

That’s make CLO more usable.

What your proposing is a high risk activity that clo should not be directly involved with because There are seriouse legal implications to your idea…

Your basicly setting up a financial investment platform…

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You can see it on Bitfinex with BTC or ETH pairs. CLO has CS with guaranteed 2.5% a month, without any risk.