Some suggestions for Callisto


Hello Community the Twitter TTeam said i should post this Idea here in the Forum.
I think Callisto should do some things. First of all.
Callisto should have their own column on CoinMarketCap, CoinCap and the other CoinCap pages. The Column should show if the Coin Contract is audited by Callisto. So eacah person can see that the Contract is audited. Then Callisto should have the same Columm on the ICO Pages where youu can read the Infos about comeing and running ICOs. This would be a cheap advertising for CLO and ppl who se the stamp feel safer to invest or buy this Coin. Next idea: callisto should make a Tool where a User can put in a Contract Code or put in a Contract Adress and the Tool say the user what the Contract do and if the Contract is safe in some basics. And the Tool uses CLO to work. Mean the User want to proof what the ICO Contract does and if the Contract is safe for some basic Hacks. The user take some CLO and the adress of the contract or the Code and the Tool check the Contract for him and give him a short Infor whats going on and if the Contract have some security issue or not. And maybe a second stamp for proofed contracts with the tool. And i have an idea for the stamp. The Stamp can be stolen and pick on the logo and ppl think hey the contract is safe because CLO audited them. The Stamp should have an ID NR: that Number should be in a List where User can check if this Number is for this Contract/Coin.

Hope this is Helpful, the Twitter Team said this are great Ideas for CLO what do you ppl think about that.



Noticed, ill make sure it reaches the marketing team

thanx and regards