Roadmap Q3 - 2019

Primary Focus

  1. Preparing for dApps arrive, and interchain connection: We’ve worked during a part of Q2 to create enough tools for this goal, and in this quarter we will start to see the firsts dApps running on Callisto Blockchain. dApps could bring to the project a lot of new users.
  2. Hard Fork #4: Constantinople activation: To ensure full compatibility with ETH, Callisto must apply the latest changes from Ethereum blockchain.
  3. Growth in China’s market: Callisto has a lot of traffic and holders from Russia and Europe; However, while looking for new markets, we noticed that China has not the best coverage about our project. With the recent listing request for CLO on Binance Exchange, we started a series of steps to expand Callisto over the Chinese market.
  4. On-chain Governance: TBD

Achievable Goals

Project size is roughly estimated: Tiny (two weeks or less), Medium (three to four weeks), Massive (more than four weeks).

1. Preparing for dApps arrival and interchain connection

  • Callisto Hub Wallet: Callisto wallet fully compatible with Chrome, Opera, Firefox. (Tiny)
  • Callisto Hub dApp explorer: List of deployed dApps on Callisto Network, including badge if the smart contracts are audited by CLO. (Medium)
  • Official explorer improve: Current official explorer requires some changes such as: Internal and tokens transactions, list of ERC-XX tokens, interchain transactions, testnet integration. (Medium)
  • Experimental connection with Binance-Chain and Cosmos: A Callisto goal is the implementation of experimental protocols, following the goal, we will implement a bridge between Callisto blockchain and Cosmos to have a backed CLO token on Binance Chain called CLOB. (Medium)
  • Official Web Wallet restyling: Official web wallet will receive a total restyling, current wallet will still available to access. (Medium)
  • Galilei -testnet- deploy: Developers require a full compatible Callisto chain to develop and test their smart contracts and dApps safely, Galilei will have a compatible blockchain with Callisto and a mirror of our explorer. (Tiny)

2. Hard Fork #4: Constantinople activation

3. Growth in China’s market

4. On-chain Governance