Retrying Yobit listing


Hi, dear community,

We had tried update the wallet in Yobit the lasts months without successful result.

Today we retry of another way through “Add coin” form -

We bought a Yobitcode 0.5 BTC to get the “Exclusive” listing type.


TX ID in Bitcoin:

On Wednesday I will update the post with the progress of this listing process.


This is great Yohan, Thanks for the update!


Good job. We hope for a positive result. :+1:t2:


Hey. But how to be a fake CLO already on the stock exchange.,?


I think you mixed up two different exchanges


Have any responce frome Yobit?


still receive nothing, we will wait a bit more


The same as Nullex they get no answer since months and a lot of other Coins have the same problem this is a scam Exchange beware your funds


Yobit это зло…советую не играть в нее. Развод и обман.