Quick summary of Cold Staking development


October 10, 2018 Dardan

Currently, we have 3 versions of the Cold Staking contract:

  1. Cold Staking v1 by Dexaran.
  2. Cold Staking v2 by Yuriy (head of Callisto Security auditing department).
  3. Cold Staking v3 by RideSolo (Callisto security auditor).

The first version is the earliest and has problems with the reward computation accuracy. The second version resolves most of the problems. My personal opinion is that the third version is of higher complexity.

At first, we need to make sure that the mechanism of Cold Staking works as intended. We must avoid accidents such as TheDAO hack, by any means. As the result, it was decided to implement the Yuriy’s Cold Staking v2 at the Hard Fork 1.

Then we will test and debug the RideSolo’s version. It is planned to implement it at Hard Fork 2. If the implementation of Cold Staking protocol will go smoothly then it will be proposed at Ethereum Classic.

The Cold Staking v2 is currently undergoing a security audit. We are waiting for the upgrade of Callisto Testnet to launch a public test version there. A bug bounty will also be launched soon.

You can find the implementation discussion thread here.


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