More auditory for CLO team from BTC / ETH / ETC holders


There are many holders on crypto market. Someone hold BTC, someone ETH , someone ETC and so on.
And many of these holders are not happy to sell their crypto coins and to buy CLO.

But i would like to propose to add more stake options for everyone who hold other coins (BTC, ETH , ETC).

Let’s imagine that CLO begin to support stake from BTC holders:

  1. BTC holder should transfer coins to some BTC address and coins will be hold there 27 days.
    CLO is owner for this BTC address.
  • BTC staking starts every 27 days. As example today is 11 November and staking should start at 00:00 UTC time. So everyone (who wish participate) should start transfer BTC coins to this BTC address during open hours. Open hours begins from 9th November 00:00 UTC time and finish on 10 November 00:00 UTC time. After 10 November 00:00 UTC is close hours.

  • 1 day should be enough before BTC start take that all BTC transaction will be completed.

  • If someone transfer BTC outside open hours (e.g. on 00:01 UTC) then these BTC coins will be transfered back , but a bit less amount due transaction comission.

  • There should be special page for BTC holders, where everyone should be able to see current staking parameters online. As example: current stake amount , BTC address, when the current stake round finished, and so on.

  • When the last BTC arrived on this BTC address then summary calculated. As example 1000 BTC coins were transfered totally. It means that these 1000 BTC will be freezed for 27 days.

  • After 27 days BTC holders will get back BTC coins and some CLO reward.

  1. Some CLO coins amount should be reserved in mining process for BTC / ETH / ETC holders.
  • CLO coins amount reserved for BTC / ETH / ETC holders will be significantly less than cold staking.

  • More BTC coins placed on stake then higher mining complexity.

  • Mining complexity should be increased not significantly e.g. by 1% min to 5% max.

  • It means that less coins will be available for miners , so higher CLO price.

The same logic might be for ETH, ETC and other holders.
It is looks like permanent airdrop for BTC / ETC / ETH holders.
I believe that there are such benefits:

  • BTC / ETH / ETC holders will not sell their coins, simple freeze it. No trades, no loosers.
  • CLO will get bigger auditory and availability.
  • CLO will get a bit higher mining complexity and a bit higher price.