Marketing - Week 9 Summary


Marketing Summary

Week 11/12 - 11/18

1. Promotion’s:

1.1. CCN had published a press release:

1.2. TheCryptoApp campaign was successful.

1.3. Our community is growing fast as never before. This is due to multiple campaigns Callisto had run over different telegram groups and influencers.

1.4. Coinomi Airdrop is ongoing. This will benefit by increasing the number of users in our community and the total final users that will know about Callisto and Cold Staking.

2. Exchanges

We closed a deal with Dobitrade. This includes listing our coin in their exchange and a long-term partnership with their platform (More info below on “Partnerships”)

2.2. HitBTC.

Awaiting HitBTC response and confirmation. We are almost there guys. Bear with us.

3. Advisors

Business Advisor

  • We Welcome Raymond Koh (VP of Dobitrade and Co-founder team of Coinbene) aboard. He will be enlighting us about future agreements and will do PR over Asia.

  • We are closing a deal with the person who will be our Market and Social media Advisor

  • We are negotiating with who we hope will be our future Security Advisor

4. Partnerships

  • Coinomi
    Coinomi wallet is now a partnership of Callisto Network. They support our main feature Cold Staking.

  • Dobitrade
    Projects Listed on Dobitrade Exchange Enjoys Free Security Audit Provided by Callisto Network
    All tokens listed or going to be listed on Dobitrade Exchange will be provided with a free security audit by Callisto Network. A security audit will enhance the confidence of investors and traders because it ensures no flaw in the smart contract before being listed on the exchange.

Dobitrade will public this statement on Monday. In resume: Callisto network will be reviewing every coin listed or being listed Dobitrade. This means that Callisto Network Security Auditors team will be auditing and protecting coins/tokens that are being traded on the market. In conclusion, Callisto will be protecting real money from real people. This gives us another REAL use case for Callisto.


Great job! Hats off! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2: