Marketing - Week 8 Summary


Marketing Summary

Week 11/5 - 11/11

A lot of things had happened since my last post. I will do a resume.

1. Promotion’s:

1.1. CCN Will Publish a press release next week

1.2. TheCryptoApp is running an advertisement banner right know! Go check it out.

1.3. A lot of influencers were contacted and we got promotions from them. Can’t list them all.

1.4. We were focused on increasing the community size this period. Big news and big days are going on Callisto roadmap, so we thought this will be a great moment to grew up the community. We have increased the total amount of users by 20%-25%.

2. Exchanges

I’m closing a deal with Raymond Koh. He is the vice president of Dobitrade and is on the Co-Founder team of Coinbene.

2.2. HitBTC.

As everyone knows already, the company Callisto Network Foundation OU is registered under our CEO and CTO names. We are going to have the KYC done by the next week. Conversations with HitBTC already started to get Callisto finally operable in their platform.

3. Advisors

I’m still looking for the right Advisors on these categories: Security - Market - Bussines. I have candidates, we are trying to close a deal with them.

5. Coinomi Partnership

Coinomi wallet WILL support Cold Staking. You will be able to Cold Stake as soon as Cold Staking goes live.

Alejo Chababo.
Head of Marketing.