Marketing - Week 5 Summary


Marketing Summary

Week 10/14 - 10/20

1. Promotion’s:

1.1. We are closing a deal with

1.2. We are closing a deal with

1.3. We closed a deal with Atamertuysaler (Turkey) and Coinvogue (Germany). They will be doing a review about us.

1.4. Videos about Callisto during this week:

2. Exchanges

We closed a deal to get listed on IDAX. This is an awesome opportunity to get into the Asian market. Next week I will personally make an official announcement about this. For now, I will let you know that this transaction is for paying the listing fee and promoting Callisto on the Asian market.

2.2. HitBTC.

The Callisto Network Foundation is about to be under our CEO’s name. Next week the legal papers will be delivered to HitBTC. We are almost there, bear with us.

3. Advisors

We are in talks with 3 referents and well-known influencers of the crypto space. We hope to get them aboard as Advisors

4. SmartContracts Developers Partnership

Conversations and firsts step into B2B negotiations had started. We are aiming to get constant work for our Security Auditing team by doing partnerships with smart-contracted developer companies.

5. Coinomi Partnership

We have released the final version of Cold Staking on the testnet. We will be giving all the information and support for Coinomi. The objective is to get Cold Staking working on their platform asap.

Alejo Chababo
Head of Marketing

Информация по KYC для биржи HitBTC
Маркетинг - Неделя 5

Great job Alejo! Congratulations!


Super, Alejo! Congrats! :+1:t2:


Callisto to the moon! ))