Marketing - Week 3 Summary


Marketing Summary

Week 09/30 - 10/06

1. Promotion’s:

1.1. After promoting CLO in several ways (youtube/twitter/influencers/post) we are happy to see how much the volume and the price has grown in the past few days.

1.2. Lots of things were said about listing in SistemKoin. (Mostly bad things)
After doing only 1 promotion (Yes, only one) in Turkey, we manage to get $35.000 (Usd) of volume in 2 days. This is great. It gives more liquidity to the coin and attracts more investors.

The video made by Krypto Emre reviewing us:

Disclaimer: Don’t take this personally, but those who commented in a negative way, please, next time save your comments.

2. Exchanges

2.1. We have decided to stop looking for exchanges (and paying for them) until we have the company registered. This will allow us to get listed on the BIG ones. We are aiming to be part of the top 15 exchanges.

2.2. HitBTC is close. Yohan is doing a great job and he managed to get this almost finished. Expect some news about it next week.

3. Partnerships
We are in contact with the founder and CEO of RSK to start doing security audits to the smart contracts deployed in their blockchain.

3.2 Hosho
We have direct contact with them. They are in the same business than us. We are thinking about a partnership with them.

4. Coinomi Wallet Partnership

We have closed a deal with them. We are going to do an airdrop through their platform. Stay in touch!

Alejo Chababo
Head of Marketing


Good job man! We are going up!!!