Marketing - Week 2 Summary


Marketing Summary

Week 09/23 - 09/29

1. Promotion - Influencers:

We have contacted and closed a deal with some influencers. We have also contacted some well-known YouTubers around crypto space.

Videos so far:

More videos will be posted in the future.

2. Exchanges


This exchange is based in Turkey. We have selected this exchange because Turkish citizens are able to buy crypto in exchange for fiat.
Pairs ar TL/CLO and BTC/CLO

To promote this listing and spread info about Callisto all over Turkey, we have closed a deal with Turkey’s largest crypto community in the world.

They will be creating a dedicated video, and they will be publishing info about CLO in their social media.


We are trying to close a deal with them, paying a minimum listing fee (0.4 BTC). We will not list there if they ask for more than that.


We are trying to close a deal with them, making the first step into the Asian market.

3. Advisors

We are doing a research across different social media platforms to get new people on our team as advisors.
An advisor is a well-known investor that will bring Callisto some reputation and confidence around the globe.

4. Coinomi Wallet Partnership

We are in the middle of a negotiation with Coinomi. We will be making a partnership and a promotion through their wallet. Stay in touch for further news.

5. Seo

We are posting regularly across our social media platforms as well. We want our community to be informed of every step we make so you don’t miss a thing.
We started to create an internal roadmap to get more exposure to external sites to create more SEO.

Alejo Chababo
Head of Marketing


All great news, callisto is growing up. Good to see coinomi might be trusted partner. If staking would also be possible using coinomi that would be amazing.


good job, Alejo) keep it up!


This is very good, but what about HitBTC?


I love how transparent the Callisto team are. They are always keeping us investors up to date with everything to do with the Callisto project.


what bad stock exchange will there be in the next?


Yohan paid for KYC transfer

And power of atterney is in progress and will be sent to Yohan to sign it. The documents will be sent to Hitbtc to complete listing process as soon as they arrive.


I’m sorry I don’t understand your question.


found another bad exchange? you only find bad exchanges?


if you don’t like “something”, it doesn’t mean we did a bad decision… think about it, before post something like this


Tio hello. This is not only me, but most of us think so. you know it by telegram channel


Hi there! Could you please check now that exchange?


what’s interesting? One day the volume was on the stock exchange from the Turks. and everything?


waiting Hitbtc. There are no investors on the Turkish stock exchange. speculators were small


не торопи события!!! все будет, и не только hitbtc…смотри на проект, и для чего он нужен, и тогда поймешь реальный потенциал Callisto


Ну так перечисли основные преимущества монеты, которые отличают ее от конкурентов, это в твоих интересах…


English only, please.
Advantages Callisto:

  1. Cold staking will reduce circulation coin.
  2. Smart-contract audit. Callisto have uses in real economic, not only speculations.
  3. Low price now.


Sorry, I’m wrong about the Turkish stock exchange. great trade.