Marketing - Week 1 Summary


Marketing Summary

Week 09/17 - 09/22

Google Ads:

Retargeted campaigns over the Google Ads platform to improve performance. Cost per click now works properly.

Audience and clicks are going higher every day, at a considerably lower cost of operation.

Green: Cost - Blue: Clicks

Promotion Video:

Created and promoted a new video published on Callisto Network official youtube channel:

This video is being promoted on youtube at the beginning of the video. 11% of the total audience watches the full video.


We are already talking with these exchanges about the listing:

(note that this doesn’t mean that we will be listing on every exchange of the previous list. It will depend on their final listing fee and the time to get listed.)

Youtube Influencers Campaign:

We are running a campaign to get crypto influencers on youtube platform to get them to talk about Callisto and its advantages as a blockchain and an investment option.

Right now we have closed a deal with four of them. The idea is to get at least 10 deals before the end of this month.

Alejo Chababo

Project Status September 22 (2018-09-22)

Good job Alejo!


With whom are you negotiating? Give links.


exchanges? or do you mean something else?


links to their profiles


all info is available on the Marketing Summary week 2


Thanks for sharing about marketing platforms and listings to make the site rank on top. Heard a lot about basics and strategic PPC Management ideas to take business to new updated heights. Influential results are also quite amazing leading to genuine buyers. Pay per click is costing much less than profits gained by companies.