Marketing 2018 Summary


Marketing Summary

It’s been 5 months since I started as CMO at Callisto. Many things have happened since then.
Good things, great things and some not that good.
Anyways, I could make a list of the things done but I’m sure I will be boring you.

That’s why we’re going straight to the point.
A short review of the last things and the ones that are coming.

HitBTC is a real thing. After a month of negotiations between them and me, and of course, thanks to the great labor and sacrifice from Yohan and Carlos, we can now focus on launching several advertising campaigns to increase the volume there. We are developing the best tactics and we will be sharing them to HitBTC to join forces during these marketing campaigns.

At the same time, we are creating a high-quality video presenting the Cold Staking feature to advertise on different platforms and social media networks.
Likewise, we will look for our allies to share this video so that everyone is informed about how easy and convenient Cold Staking is.

We are going to generate advertising content since our goal of being in a recognized exchange is done. When potential investors want to buy a coin they usually look for top exchanges for that.

In any case, we are working to reach more and more exchanges.
Although our target is always in the top (you already know the names of them), we do not rule out that we might get listed in other exchanges during the future (as long as the listing is free)

Note that a lot of agreements that might happen or not are always confidential at this business level. So no one will know the exact agreement or even if it exists. We have to be professionals and as professionals, confidential and NDA are common these days.

While I’m doing my marketer tasks, I’m full of business work. That is why the team decided that from now on I will take the position of COO (Chief Operations Officer) because it is the work that I have been doing for the last 2 months. We will be hiring a new marketer who will be helping me in this area.

A small recap of things that will come right away:

. High-Quality Advertising video for spreading all over the internet.
. Listing on
. MaxHash will be providing a top quality pool to mine CLO that will include a Jackpot for the miners (I have tested their pool my self and works like a charm)
. Strategic paid campaign over the internet advertising Cold Staking.
. Strategic campaign with our partners to share and learn more about CLO and Cold Staking.