Ledger updates problem

If you have a problem with your ledger (you can’t update it or you missing you Callisto wallet there), please read this below carefully!

Let’s start step by step.

If you have a problem during the last update with your ledger MSU is not Genuine

Please do these:

  1. Connect your Ledger device to your computer and start “Ledger Live” Application.

  2. Enter your password and go to the Settings => Help => Repair your Ledger device =>
    choose in the drop-down menu your problem “MCU NOT GENUINE” and click on Repair

Next step you have to update your Ledger to the latest firmware 1.5.5

Please follow these steps

Click on the button “Update” => “Continue”

If you have this POPup msg, you should uninstall all Apps from you Ledger

Verify you ledger ID and allow this update

When it’s updated, Install your Apps back

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Callisto

Now then!

Go to your Ledger => Callisto => Settings and make change
Contract Data

= YES =

Display Data

= YES =

Go to https://wallet.callisto.network

If you can’t see your wallet, do next.

Go to your Ledger => Ethereum or Ethereum Classic

Go to https://wallet.callisto.network
Make sure you changed the network (for me its ETH)

Find out your address and choose it

Unlock your wallet

Change the network for Callisto

Now you have access to your fund

Transfer all your coins to a different address in Callisto Network.

After readiing the comparison between Ledger and Trezor Hardware Wallet https://cryptototem.com/trezor-wallet/ I decided to try Trezor as I think it has less problems than Ledger.

Im having an issue claiming my reward from the cold staking contract. I am accessing my CLO on my ETH ledger nano s wallet the same way you showed, but keep getting the error that I need to enable Contract data on the Ethereum app Settings. The contract data is already enabled. Not sure why its not working. Any idea?