Instruction for Callisto Cold Staking with graphical interface


Instruction for Callisto Cold Staking with graphical interface

General information:

  • You can start staking at any time and a staking round always takes 27 days.
  • You need CLO on your wallets, you can either mine or buy them.
  • Please note that once you have started staking with your wallet, you do not make another deposit, otherwise the previous reward will be deleted !!! Our recommendation is to claim the complete deposit with reward after the staking round and then re-steak again.

There are 3 ways you can participate in cold staking

  1. With the graphical interface on |
  2. With the contract option at | Instruction
  3. With the app Coinomi | Instruction

With graphical interface

1.1. You need a wallet address for CLO.

1.2. You can also use addresses created with other wallets such as ClassicEtherWallet, MyEtherWallet or TrustWallet.

1.3. If you do not have a wallet, you can generate one here. Instruction can be found here in the forum.

1.4. If you’ve generated a wallet, transfer your CLO to your wallet.

1.5. Once the CLO are stored on your wallet, go to the Contracts tab.
Note: Be sure to select “Network: Callisto - CLO (” at the top right or “Network: CLO Testnet 3.0 (” for testing. If you need TestNet CLO, just write an admin at in the main chat on Telegram.

1.6. Access your wallet and unlock it.

1.7. On the right site below the account address you can see different information:
1.7.1. account balance - your account balance
1.7.2. Staking Balance - how much you stake at the moment
1.7.3. Reward - how much is your reward if you would claim it in this moment

1.8 and below there are 3 buttons
1.8.1. Start Staking - Transfer of CLO to Cold Staking Contract
1.8.2. Withdraw - claim of deposit and reward
1.8.3. Claim Reward - claim only the reward and staker furthermore

1.9. Use the Start Staking button to initialize cold staking.

1.10. Enter the desired amount you want to put into the cold staking contract and click on the green area "Yes, I’m sure! Make transaction. "

1.11. You will receive a notification stating that the transaction has been sent to the network and the corresponding transaction ID (TX ID). Note: The value of the reward will be shown after completing the staking round, ie after 27 days.

1.12. Once the ad reaches 100%, you can claim your reward. There are 2 options for this:

1.12.1 Claim your deposit and your reward with “Withdraw”.
Confirm the pop-up with the green button “Yes, I’m sure!Make transaction.” Note: You will only see the deposit amount and not the reward, which you will still receive. The value “0” is also normal, do not pay any attention to it.

1.12.2 Claim only your reward with “Claim Reward”.
Confirm the pop-up with the green button “Yes, I’m sure! Make transaction.” Note: Do not be confused when “Reward 0” is displayed. It will transfer you the full reward!

1.13. You will again receive a notification stating that the transaction has been sent to the network and the associated transaction ID (TX ID).

1.14. After the transaction has been completed, you can use the "Refresh" button to see your new balance.

Instruction for Callisto Cold Staking with contract

Just got the my first staking reward… :blush:

  1. Tonight, I had the 100% bar and showing over 9,000 reward so I went to claim it, got a message that said, I didn’t have enough gas. No big deal, except when I went back later it said 0 reward and the bar is now at 64%. What should I make of this?

2 On the 2nd account that I have staked, I showed an over 13k reward and a 100% bar. When I went to redeem that, i received two tx error messages, the rewards went to 0 and the bar now reads 38%, but the account balance has gone up to 9.797, so as mentioned in the instructions above, I’m hopeful the rest is coming. Should I be concerned about the tx error messages?


Did you ever get an answer to this problem Alan? I have the 100% showing but nothing happens when I click Withdraw. I don’t believe I have any Gas in this wallet so I suppose that could be the problem.