Instruction for Callisto Cold Staking with contract


Instruction for Callisto Cold Staking with contract

General information:

  • You can start staking at any time and a staking round always takes 27 days.
  • You need CLO on your wallets, you can either mine or buy them.
  • Please note that once you have started staking with your wallet, you do not make another deposit, otherwise the previous reward will be deleted !!! Our recommendation is to claim the complete deposit with reward after the staking round and then re-steak again.

There are 3 ways you can participate in cold staking

  1. With the graphical interface on | Instruction
  2. With the contract option at
  3. With the app Coinomi | Instruction

With the contract option

  1. You need a wallet address for CLO. You can also use addresses created with other wallets such as ClassicEtherWallet, MyEtherWallet or TrustWallet.

  2. If you do not have a wallet, you can generate one here. Instruction can be found here in the forum.

  1. If you’ve generated a wallet, transfer your CLO to your wallet.

  2. Once the CLO are stored on your wallet, go to the Contracts tab. Note: Be sure to select "Network: Callisto - CLO (" at the top right or "Network: CLO Testnet 3.0 (" for testing. If you need TestNet CLO, just write an admin at in the main chat on Telegram

  3. Select "Callisto Cold Staking" from the drop-down menu.

  1. Click the "Access" button to access the contract.
  2. You can now access the features of the Smart Contract.
  3. Under "Read / Write Contract", select "start_staking".

  1. Enter the amount you want to use for staking in the „Amount to Send“ field.
  2. Access your wallet and unlock it.
  3. Now click on the "WRITE" button.

  1. A popup will appear for the transaction. Please enter "150000" for "Gas Limit", so that the transaction is really carried out. ATTENTION: You must have more CLO on your wallet than you send, otherwise the transaction fees can not be paid.
  2. Generate the transaction.
  3. Confirm that you really want to complete the transaction.

  1. You will receive a notification stating that the transaction has been sent to the network and the associated TX ID.

  1. With the function "staker" you can see how much you have deposited and when staking began. To do this, select the function and enter your Wallet address and confirm with the "READ" button.

  1. Use the „stake_reward“ function to see how much CLO you would receive if you were claiming your reward right now. To do this, select the function and enter your Wallet address and confirm with the "READ" button.

  1. If you want to claim your stake reward, you can do this by clicking
    1. your deposit and your reward "withdraw_stake" or
    2. just claim your reward "claim".

  2. In both cases, select the desired function again and click on "WRITE“.

  3. A popup will appear for the transaction. Please enter here also at "Gas Limit" 150000. Create the transaction and confirm it. ATTENTION: For "Amount to send" should be 0, please leave this there necessarily.

  1. You will again receive a notification stating that the transaction has been sent to the network and the associated TX ID.
  2. The CLO are now back at your address.

Translation: @Moona

Instruction for Cold Staking with Coinomi App

Thank you, Marcel for the update!
In point 2. you put that staker should choose “Network: Callisto - CLO (” or “Network: CLO Testnet 3.0 (”. Does that mean that after HF1 CS can be done on both networks?


Hi Boyan,

yes the address for the contract in TestNet and MainNet are the same. So you can use the guide for both networks. :wink:

Best regards,


Thanks! Just to be sure, for CS with real CLO from mainnet (real coins) should be done only on the Network: Callisto - CLO (


Hi Boyan,

yes for the real coins use Callisto - CLO (! But i hope the UI will work at this time, we will see :wink:


Are you referring to the User Interface (UI) on the ClassicEtherWallet or you have something else in mind?


This tutorial will be used to run CS or when running CS there will be some simple UI (I think something like one button for stake, one button for claim reward …)?


Are we able to send CLO to the cold staking address now, or do we have to wait until after the HF to do this?


@Boyan_Kelchev Yes i mean the UI in CEW!

@Tomina yes we are working hard at the UI for CEW But at the moment I can not say if the UI will finish until the 12th of November but we try to do everything!

@Scott_M The staking starts on 12.11.2018 UTC 0, please do not pay into the contract beforehand.


I hope it will succeed to implement before the start CS

Good luck


Thank you for the info. I will wait until the staking goes live on the 12th of Nov. to move my stake into the contract. Will there be updates to let us know that it is now safe to stake on the 12th? Cheers!


My CLO deposit Is on Coinomi wallet. It Is better if move my deposit ti CEW or It is better to wait for the coinomi update?


Please Tell about coinomi partnership.
How can use cold staking whit COINOMI wallet ?


started already right?? the count down timer is gone…


@All Excuse me, that I will contact you only now. But I was personally prevented on the weekend!

@Scott_M I stake and i can say all is going well! :wink:

@Mario I know that Coinomi make a update to 1.11.7 for Android. And i heard that work well.
IF you dont’t get the Update from Play Store you can download it here:

@Mehrdadi Update Coinomi go to CLO and slide right to dapps and chose Cold Staking.

@darren1979 Cold Staking is now available and works well.

Instruction for Callisto Cold Staking with graphical interface

Thx… i have performed the staking… Its working well…!