Ideas for new monetary policy for Callisto


Hi, dear community,

I’m working right now on a new monetary policy where we reduce every 30,000 blocks the reward in 1%. In this model, I include “ice ages” where we will put a fixed the compensation during 1-2 million blocks.

The model is work in progress. However, I would like to hear your ideas for new monetary policy.

Any help will be welcome.



Do it! Just do it!


of course, the model of smooth emission reduction is more attractive for the investor and the growth of the coin price.


@yograterol Maybe you still need a smart contract for handling requests for audit, with an auction system of deposits? The larger the deposit, the faster the audit will be conducted.
I’ve offered this many times, because you need to use large volumes of CLO to increase demand.


Hi Yohan , are you have this plan for all time ? i want see how much it will slowly emission ,in comparison with the previous


i will publish the spreadsheet soon, we will announce three models to choose one from the community


Hi team! Have any news for community?


Yohan , 20 days is it soon? do you have anything for us , about this post?


the team will put off this until after the coming HF.


ok. soon this is how much days , or month, or years? i dont see any motions , any screanshots or voting.


Очень жаль, хотелось бы на первом уже увидеть обновления,.


Offer this idea - the developers sell all of Callisto, and by the master node from the list and - receive dividends, sell them for bitcoins and buy from miners and cold-stackers Calisto without letting the price fall below $0.1 per coin for example. Developers don’t care how much Callisto costs, and they don’t care about money, do they?


And it is possible to make it at the first cold. Now it is a high time to work quickly, to declare oneself… And still it is desirable to burn commission charges as at hrp.


Вроде нормально, мне нравиться


А можно сделать это при по первом Cold Staking? Время идет… Clo не поднимается.


Reducing block reward after 30k blocks (every 5 days) with 1% is not enough to balance the model. I think you should also consider change in block reward distribution. Maybe Miners-50/CS-30/Treasury-20. There is too much new supply for the current liquidity with inflation of 10-12% per month. In the beginning CS will add additional pressure on the market (with 100M CLO). In the long run 20% CS may not be enough to balance the new coin supply between miners and treasury.


Полностью согласен!!! Сейчас уже пора уменьшать вознаграждение, а также сжегать комиссии как у hrp, а самый лучьшей вариант уменьшить выпуск с 6,5 миллиарда до 5. Чтобы была заинтересованность майнеров.


Dexx же отвечал на этот вопрос. позиция жесткая. все будет происходить согласно дорожной карте. Первое снижение вознаграждения на 5000000 блоке 32%. Я с ним полностью согласен.


Подскажите пожалуйста а это хоть когда примерно будет, 5000000 блок?