How to: "Cold Staking" on a Trust wallet

Hi guys!

Please see quick updates of the "How to Stake with a #Trust #Wallet"

Let say you already have a Trust wallet on your mobile device, otherwise, you have to download it

It’s very simple, just visit their website at:

After the downloads just create a new wallet and send there the coins (CLO)

After you receive them into your wallet, you can start to Stake them to get some “monthly” income

  • Click on the “Browser”

and you will see this window

you will be transferred to that

  • Click on the “Cold Staking” and enter the coins amount that will be staking.
    P.S. Please note, do not stake all the coins from your total funds, keep at least 0.5 clo to cover the transaction to get the coins from cold staking back

then press on “Send”

Congratulation! You just “Staked” some Callisto coins

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