How to Cold stake using Trust wallet


Below is a guide in how to Cold stake your CLO using Trustwallet

So we have downloaded Trust wallet from App store or Play store, made a wallet and saved our seed somewhere sneaky!

How do we go about Cold staking our precious CLO?
To start with we need to tell Trust wallet that we want it to be connected to the Callisto network. So we have to import the wallet one more time with our seed. This time choosing Callisto network so we can find the Cold staking in the Dapps menu

So we start by pressing Settings in the right hand corner and go in to wallets

After that we press the “ + ” sign

Now we press “ I already have a wallet

Here we choose the wallet to be imported to Callisto network

At this point it will ask for your seed that you will have to wright down once more to open up the wallet! And proceed to the next step where we press the Dapps menu

We choose the Cold staking Dapp

Press start staking

Put in any amount you want. There is no minimum recruitment

After this you can reopen the cold staking dapp and see the amount staked and progress bar of your staking round

4% staking round progress in this example

Happy staking everyone!

Technical details of coldstaking:

Withdraw = Reward + staked amount is sent to back to your wallet
Claim = Only your reward is sent to back your wallet and automatically re-stake the same amount as before again
ROI : Dynamic. Depends on the amount of CLO that is engaged in cold staking
Minimal amount: No minimal threshold.
Minimal delay between claims/withdraws: 27 days
Maximal staking time: 2 years (Funds automatically sent back to your wallet after 2 years if no other interaction has been made with the contract)
Reward claiming: Manual. A user have to execute a transaction to claim the reward.

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