First Cold Staking round was successfully done!


Dear Callisto community!

First Cold Staking round was successfully done with ZERO errors or problems!

Congratulations everyone!


Ho appena ripreso i miei Callisto messi sul wallet Coinomi. Tutto bene.
Solo che adesso non riesco a picchettare le mie monete per il secondo mese. Come mai?


Scusate ci sono riuscito!! :grin:


My CLO reward was much better than I thought it would be. I am very impressed. I have re-staked the majority of my CLO again and will continue to stake in the future if you guys keep paying these sort of dividends. Keep up the fantastic work.


Guys, if you have any issues with claiming the reward or withdraw, please check this out:

  1. Make sure you are at the right web site section ( )
  2. Did you choose a Callisto Network
  3. Please verify if you have any Callisto coins to cover the gas
  4. Sometimes you just need to re-login

P.S. If you are using Ledger and you still have any problem, please PM me


Yes… Nice One!:grin:

  1. Do I need to claim my reward and re-stake it or if I don’t claim it is it considered staked?
  2. Also if I have to re-stake it do I need to pull my original stake out or can I just add to current stake?
  3. If I show a reward of over 13,000 on my dashboard, when I redeem that do I get the whole 13k CLO or only a portion of that amount?
    4 If to claim reward needs Gas Limit 123,109, how much is that in terms of CLO, 0.00123109 CLO?
    5 when you claim your reward, how long does it take to show in my account balance? My concern is because after I pressed the yes to redeem, I had a tx error message but my reward went to 0


my 3rd round staking, the Make transaction button not working… pending help…


nvm… i found the problem… i should not stack with " , " in the CLO amount… 100,000, I should just type 100000