Financial Report 2018


Message from the CEO - January 2019

Dear members of Callisto Network:

We’ve finished 2018 with a stable treasury fund balance, in this bear market we’ve been being cautious about the operative costs. At Jan 19th, 2019, Callisto Network has a treasury fund of a total 62.6 million CLO (USD 239,000) to keep the project going in the next phases.

In the last Q we increased our investment in new exchanges.
We’ve paid the borrowed money from Dexaran for Callisto.
Listing fees and getting new advisors. In consequence, the monthly budget increased by at least 35%. Our monthly operation costs have been between 20-25 million CLO per month in the last three months; however, those expenses are one time expenses in the most cases as listing fees.

We have started to do accounting in Estonia through Callisto Network Foundation OÜ; Carlos and I recently tripped to Estonia to get the right accountant firm for crypto companies, and we are building accounting for later 2018 and 2019. This is our commitment in getting all the things on the right way supporting Callisto project with a legal entity from an EU country.

Additionally, I want to thanks Dexaran for the supporting to the project in the early stage by lending money for Callisto for exchanges listing fees, and now I’m happy to announce that Callisto Network has paid the total amount of the borrowed money from Dexaran.

In the first quarter of 2019, we will focus mainly on spending on marketing on Google and Youtube campaigns with new content promoting security audits and Cold Staking.

Our work continues to get Callisto in an excellent position in the crypto space; we haven’t finished our first year of operation, however, I’m happy with the results we got from our team so far.

Financial Report 2018:

Financial Report Q4 2018:


Good job! We wait one dollar for one Callisto.


CLO=1$, that would be 28500% increase in price. I think CLO=1$ is a nice joke.


Guys from here: think similar to Rte. “Only” 0.43$, but)))


0.43 $ is very good price.


Guys, please don’t be delusional. By the end of 2019 the total supply of CLO will be around 2,340,480,000.00 coins and 0.43$/CLO will bring the market cap to $1,006,406,400.00 while currently it is only $3,485,025. Even if we have a bull run in 2019 I can’t imagine what value has to be created to fill the gap between these two numbers?!
Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to spoil the party. I am a believer too, and I’ll be more than happy if we have modest bull market in 2019 and CLO gets to 0.01$ - 0.05$ + some decent liquidity.


Jan 10/2016 ETH 0.99 USD, Jan 10/2018 ETH 1213 USD. Everything is possible)
P.S. 60-70% coins will be frozen on CS account. Only 700-900 mln will be available for trading


True, anything is possible. For all that, the real questions for me is, is it probable and when it might happen? CLO today is nothing like what ETH was in the beginning of 2016, not to mention the other differences… Ever since the crypto world has changed immensely. The reality is different now.
PS. Neither CS nor trading CLO on HitBTC worked out the way people expected… yet :slight_smile: there must be something else…


CLO is better, then ETC in every aspect. ETC capitalization near 400 mln. Think CLO can be 0.1-0.2 USD at the end 2019)))


Indeed, CS is 60% of the total supply but the price today almost reached ATL. We are in a bear market and God knows how long it will take before the tide falls.


I want 1 clo be 1 usd, then I will become a millionaire)