Explorer2 webpage have some errors/bugs



First, thanks for starting this project i’m following you from the first day.
But, if my calculations are correct.
‘on the moment of writing’
there are 1 645 641 blocks mined, that gives me a total of 987 384 600 mined coins. if you count it with 600 coins per block.
But the total Supply api gives 1 087 883 653 coins as total. how does it come that it have such big total difference?

also the @media max-width .page-header gives a bug if you resize the window, at some point the social button jumps under the other “buttons” so that you can’t access the dropdown menu of the stats part.


The difference comes from the airdrop, when around 100,000,000.00 CLO were issued in ratio 1:1 to ETC accounts.