Curious about the Cold Staking? Here is the Step by Step tutorial


How to Cold Stake?

Step by Step

  1. Navigate to

  2. Select the Testnet Clo network

  3. Click on “Send Ether and Tokens” Tab

  4. Unlock your wallet

  5. Click on “Start Staking” button

  6. Enter the amount of CLO you want to Stake and confirm the transaction

when it is confirmed, you will see you Staked amount

  1. Wait for the round to be completed (Please note! In the TestNet 10 minutes are equal to 27 days)

  2. Click on “Withdraw” button if you want to withdraw both your initial stake and your reward or click on “Claim Reward” button if you want to withdraw your reward only.

  1. Confirm the transaction

Now you can see what have been withdrawn, by refreshing your “Account Balance”


Excellent written instructions and I love the new easy staking user interface.