Changing Algo to Progpow


I’m not sure how much work it takes you guys to change but I’m hoping your on this topic. Also hoping you have a understanding of what is happening in the hardware race on your current Algo. Now if you dont care about being decentralized then you could stay on current Algo. You will still have all the ASIC’s and some FPGA’s that will hang around and mine your coin. It just that your coin will be mined by allot fewer people and be in the hands of those few that run those machines. Now if you want your coin distributed to as many people as you can you have to keep current on what the masses have. (GPU’s).

I think most of the work has been done on building this new Algo already. They are currently running a test net on it since Ethereum is going to change to it.


Just from twitter. Linzhi (asic manufacturer) tested some new ethas ASIC.