Ask Me Anything (AMA) with with Alejo Chababo 14-04-2019


Hi everybody, @alejomc here.

Hello Alejo how are you ?

Doing fine, my tea is ready.

Nice we are ready too. How is going CLO project?

I think we are doing pretty well, resistant levels on price are a nice indicator of a pump.

Alejo, hi! Will there be a listing on the top exchange before June 1? (Bittrex+Upbit, Huobi, Binance).

I hope so. But thanks for asking this because I wanted to say some words about it.

If a listing happens in the next days/weeks/months it will happen without prior notice. What I want to clarify is that the listing will be announced 1 or 2 hours before it impact on the exchange.

Anyways, we are always in contact with the major exchanges trying to close a position to get into it.

What’s the reasoning behind that?

Just to prevent miss information or pump/dumps.

Hi @alejomc . Does Callisto need to expand marketing team?

Yes, that’s why we did it. A new guy will start tomorrow. He will be helping me mostly with brand recognition - spread - SEO and posts.

Is Callisto Halving expected? In March, 2 more listings were to take place, will they?

Exchanges were supposed to be listing us for free in exchange of auditing every coin in their platform - an extra service that they were going to have. At the time of signing the documents, some “fees - and charges” were included in a kind of shady move. So I refuse to do deals with such kind of people / companies. That’s why it won’t happen. After weeks a long phone calls with all conditions set, they sent me the papers including this payments that Callisto will need to do. Terrible and unacceptable ways of do business.

What is the priority of promoting the project in marketing?

Priority right know is SEO and Brand Recognition.

Why don’t you use aggressive marketing tools in promotion?

Can you elaborate with examples? I guess I’m not getting this clear.

What serious news is expected in 2019?

We expect to accomplish with the road map. Also, on the way, we are pushing some great partnerships. I have closed one already thanks to @sampol18. Is was going to be a surprise but - Who uses Blockfolio App in here? Callisto has now entered into the exclusive Blockfolio Signals platform. From next week, Signals about Callisto will be regularly posted on it.

What is the CLO rate you see at the end of 2019 with a Bitcoin value of $ 7,000 ?

CLO/BTC price? Can’t tell you that. I could have an opinion but I will not disclosure it.

Do you accumulate a long position in the project?

Everything I can. Remember this is my primary and only job and I need to eat.

Why on Bitfinex such small trading volumes? Do you think you need to make a reward for CLO traders to go from Stex to Bitfinex?

Mostly because of the trading limits of 10k that were removed in the past few days. Other thing, is that the miners wont change their address for a new one as Stex is already giving them liquidity and working perfectly. Anyways, Getting listed in such big exchanges is always an opportunity for catching whales. I’m total confident that the volumes will increase.

What do you personally think about the idea to open additional departments in the project for the production of smart contracts and support and integrate them into real business? The project needs a lot of responsibility.

I don’t think this is the main goal of Callisto. But we are always looking for new proposals on GitHub.

What application of CLO cryptocurrency in the field of smart contracts do you see?

Mainly, a decentralized system that will help securing the entire ecosystem. We have opened our limits with ETC. Now we are accepting any kind of Solidity smart-contracts and finishing the new team for EOS Auditors. Anyways, I’m working on this field a bit more to get some profit of these audits without being invasive.

Hi @alejomc. Last few months, there were several payments, almost regular (2 per month), to stex from the treasury. "Traiding pair payments". I did not noticed new trading pairs for CLO. Can you explain please? Thank you.

I think that this was explained. This were the last payments for it. Anyways, I’m not in charge of that area.

Any surprise for 15.04?

Blockfolio Signals - We are now part of this exclusive platform of the most used portfolio app in the entire world.

@alejomc is there any chance that the exchange will be this month?

Please read above about mentioning listing dates.

Alejo, at moment staking rewards it’s about 2.7%, do you think that after 2.750.000 block cut rewards, we will get more?

New monetary Policy will increase and favor Cold Stakers.

Are there any specific good news to the birthday Calisto ???

Wanted to share some good news, It were prepared for tomorrow because of Callisto Birthday…Ok ok, let’s wait until tomorrow….Lets keep going with the questions.

Hi. Dexaran spoke about negotiations with Bittrex. Do you conduct negotiations with them?


@alejomc Perhaps on the site you need to place an updated table for coins and audits, or a database of audits.

Yes, that might be a good addition. But the main idea is to get a minimal and clean web. With real statistics but keep it clean for new users. We do not want to make to messy with a lot of information.

@alejomc Did you think that mentioning an audit and its results on project sites would be a prerequisite for conducting a free audit?

Yes, But there is no legal actions that could be taken if they do not publish it.

What was reason network hash rate decreases ??

Mainly two reasons in my opinion 1) ETH and ETC price increase later these days, making them more profitable to mine (Right know we are again almost in the same range) 2) Another attempt to attack the network, this increased the difficulty a lot, meaning that less profit to mine.

And one more suggestion. I think it would be a good idea to create an audit liability fund. If after an audit problems arise, compensate from the fund. If there are no problems and the fund grows, encourage a team of auditors. I think it would be more responsible. And it is attractive for serious projects. In addition, a growing liability fund is a good marketing tool.

Please, I like it, but open an issue on Github. I can not decide for everyone.

Hello Alejo, so only Blakckfolio for CLO DB? Or something more tomorow? :hugs:

Tomorrow I will reveal a new little present.

Hello alejo.

1.- Whats your favorite tea brand?

2.- Are the team thinking or planning about clo listing in any p2p market?

1- The best I can get in my country is Liptxx (Wont say the full name unless they pay me :joy:)

2- Yes, I like crypto-bridge.

Hello, we really need the exchange, where it is very convenient to start the currency ?

I love Exmo, But after some discussion over email never got a new response. Maybe they are too busy? Tried to recontact them but no answer. In this case I think the best choice is to wait their contact or a new one.

@alejomc What Poloniex? Are they in touch?

Every respectable and big exchange was contacted. I have done it myself.

Ok. I was going to make an statement and was going to put it on medium and our forum. But I will do it right now because you guys are here, and I’m very pleased with your company and that you care about CLO:

Can Callisto Fail? I would say no. Callisto can’t fail as Callisto already established a real working platform for both Auditing smart-contracts and generating passive income. This, in a technical point of view makes Callisto an “Enterprise” and we left the “Project” term in the past. This is mainly the fails on Crypto. Projects never leave the word “project” behind.

Why Callisto has not seen major pumps? We prefer an organic growth. But You need to look back and see what Callisto and the community has achieved. Not matter if the volume is low, Callisto is listed on Bitfinex and HitBTC, both great and extremely recognized Exchanges. At the same time, Callisto has bring value in security matters, we can see our department Auditing contracts every week and seeing the queue growing every single day. Once, we were looking for contracts developers to find us and use our services. Now, we are getting our door knocked by them to ask for our services.

80% In crypto doesn’t care about the ecosystem, they care about fast profits and they are willing to do anything to achieve it. We are in the 20%, finding our partners and relations with people with the same mind. Adoption, safe and a great future for Crypto in a whole.

I also want to highlight someone. @Domlympo Is starting a business and he is helping CLO in a LOT of ways. He is a supporter, a community member, just like everybody else in here. He has started to ask me for papers to do a presentation about CLO. And he is asking nothing in return. Why? Because if CLO grows, his investment grows with it.

So, I wanted to say thank you to him because everything he is doing.

For closing this AMA. Wanted to share with you some inside. As you may all know, lot of the trading volume is fake according to some resent reviews and documents. Not only the exchanges do this, But the coins are doing it massively just to get into the top 100 coins. But I assure that, if every coin holder of this coins go there and sell it, real liquidation will be minimum and not what you are seeing in the books. So, you may see our market a bit little. But every single penny traded is real value. We can always hire a MM team and create some volume and liquidity. But if people want to sell, the coin will dump anyways. If they want to buy, It will pump. This is not organic. This is not real. And this is not our way. This is wasting money OR just creating fomo to checkout some coins from the ecosystem. Not a wise investment if you want to remain in the system for long.

Wanna thank you guys For being here and there For reading and for asking and for bring great value to this AMA

Still, as you may know, you can ALWAYS contact me on pm and if you have some proposal, submit it on github! It will reach us and it will be evaluated in the right way.

Thank you so much guys. Have a good one.